We can design and provide temporary support systems for any event. Our team are highly experienced and can confidently recommend the best construction for all your support and staging needs, whether it be corporate, live event or media related.

Scaffolding structures can be used to create entrance signage, camera towers, walkway areas, gantries, foot bridges, emergency exit stairs, cinema screens, stages, exhibition stands, observation towers and lighting towers for any type of major event. In addition of course, you will also need the design service, experience and expertise to handle such an operation and that is exactly what we have in plentiful supply.

Scaffolding platforms are also a method we use to create a level surface where this is not normally available ie. steep slopes.

Whether your site is grass, concrete, gravel, uneven or sloping, we have the ability to erect a structure to enable you to fulfil your requirements, for example erect a marquee upon it.

This often astounds customers as it allows us to put up structures in spaces they did not realise they had, or enables events to take place at their first choice locations.



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